Patriarch Sviatoslav: Newly elected Pope knows Ukrainian Catholic Church, its Liturgy and Spirituality

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RISU correspondent in Rome Oksana Shkodziska took the commentary of Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk about newly elected Pope Francis I.    378997_560334880658243_747233064_n.jpg

"I would first like to say that the newly elected Pope Francis was mentored by one of our priests, Stepan Chmil who is now buried in the basilica of St. Sophia in Rome. Today’s Pope, during his time as a student of the Salesian school, awoke many hours before his classmates to concelebrate at our Divine Liturgy with Fr. Stepan. He knows our Tradition very well, as well as our Liturgy.

The last time I had an opportunity to see him was as I was preparing to leave Argentina for Ukraine. I asked him to bear witness to the process of beatifying Fr. Stepan Chmil, to which, he gladly agreed. The Holy Father very well knows not only of our Church, but also our liturgy, our rites, and our spirituality.

Apart from this, Pope Francis, as archbishop of Buenos Aires, was assigned as ordinary for Eastern Catholics, specifically those who at the time did not have members of their own hierarchy. Our Eparchy in Argentina is, let’s say, suffragan to the Archbishop’s seat of Buenos Aires. In this way, Cardinal Bergoglio, always took care of our Church in Argentina; and as a young bishop, I took my first steps in episcopal ministry under his watchful eyes and help. Because of this, I am positive that the Holy Father will be a great help to our Church, and I expect that great things await our Church with this Pope.

In regards to the personality of the new Holy Father - he is an incredibly modest person. For example, as archbishop of Buenos Aires, he never relied on his own automobile, rather relying on public transportation, always in simple clothing. He mostly stands out in his enormous care for the less-fortunate, visiting the most impoverished neighborhoods. He is a person, I would say, of great pastoral foundation.

As a Jesuit, Pope Francis is an incredibly deep intellectual. I can attest to the fact that his homilies are quite short, sometimes no longer than five or six sentences, but he manages to fill them with such deep meaning, always leaving the faithful in silent contemplation upwards of five-to-seven minutes". (Translation by Julian Hayda)

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  • Паломник | 16 March 2013, 14:26
    comment comment

    "Кто много думает, тот мало говорит, стараясь втиснуть возможно больше мыслей в немногие слова." В. Ирвинг

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  • Пан Валерій | 13 October 2015, 13:38

    Щось пан Гузар не дуже послідовний. Ще року не минуло, як він наголошував, що війна - "це велика Божа благодать"

  • Yaroslav Mineyev | 13 October 2015, 08:25

    Було б добре, якби не тільки молебні та панахиди, але й екуменічні Літургії стали звичною справою. Як казав Всесвятіший Афінагор: "А я не бачу єресі ніде! Я бачу лише істини, часткові, урізані,

  • Yaroslav Mineyev | 12 October 2015, 15:16

    Міша, пора на укольчік! А погана мітла знадобиться, якраз, щоб прогнати за Український кордон всю "канонічєскую" нечість, в.т.ч. і тих хто прикидується грекокатоликом, будучі типовим

  • Михаил | 12 October 2015, 14:02

    Нравится это кому-то или не нравится, но в Украине есть только две христианские канонические общепризнанные Церкви - Украинская Православная Церковь и Украинская Грекокатолическая Церковь. А всю

  • Алла | 9 October 2015, 19:11

    Я обрадовалась этой новости. Мне не безразлична судьба православных святынь. Андреевская церковь - памятник архитектуры, и сердце кровью обливается, когда видишь, как они разрушаются от старости.

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